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trading. no hurry to start supporting the economy. the u.s. economy still needs help because unemployment remains high and inflation is below the feds target. despite that gloomy forecast, the investors like that news. the dow up 138, 15,430. above all time closing high. the nasdaq up 42. meanwhile, in solano county, travis air force base is implementing furloughs. will affect more than 1500 civilian employees. through september 21st affected workers cannot exceed 32 hours per week. come after budget cuts -- will lead to the loss of 750,000 jobs. >>> amazon wants to hire people for new distribution center. most of the jobs will be for warehouse workers. starting pay for those positions is $14 an hour with benefits. the new distribution center is expected to open by late september. >> 8:45. let's get you updated on some of the top stories. sfo says it's working quickly to reopen the run way close since saturday's crash. officials expect to announce a date in the next few days. currently clearing the debris. investigators are still examining the aircraft while they will take parts back to w
's what has kept the work force dynamic and the economy the strongest in the world. under the current system to many smart, hard working immigrants are prevented from contributing to that success. >> the senate has already passed a bill but the president said that the republican controlled house must now act. he said former president george bush agrees with him that immigration reform needs to be law. >>> the president and first lady will hit the beach this summer. the first couple will return to martha's vineyard for a nine day vacation. it'll be their 4th summer trip to the massachusetts island since he became president in 2009. while the vacation plans of their daughters were not released they have joined their parents on past trips. >> plenty of people will be heading to the state fair in sacramento this weekend. yesterday the fair kicked off at the cal expo fairgrounds. something to do for the family there. this week the line up varies from rab to lea ann rhines and all of the deep fried and bake koon covered goods. >> bacon covered cheesecake >> the fair runs through july 28
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2